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This is our main page in English. Axel Zangenberg is your specialist in flow measurement. English grammar isn’t our real profession. Axel Zangenberg has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. We find extraordinary solutions for flow measurement problems. We haven’t enough time to translate all websites in English or other languages. Better we use our valuable time to find new solutions. Otherwise we try to develop better English. You can help us. If you find any mistakes, please send us a e=mail. Our website is split in two parts. The NORMAL Sites and our flow-measurement encyclopedia = the WIKI Sites. Into the WIKI we are writing all our new knowledge. We write it in German because it is faster. Now, there is a new good translation tool from Google, which can help us to bring all information to you. In future we first translate the most commonly used pages. We know that this translation isn`t perfect but better than nothing. Click on the English icon and the following German websites you visit, will be translated directly. On the top of the sites you can change the target language.

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